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Brushcutter Husqvarna 520i RX
  • Brushcutter Husqvarna 520i RX

Brushcutter Husqvarna 520i RX

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Husqvarna brushcutter 536LiRX

Ultra-lightweight, high-performance U-bush trimmer, perfect for professional users such as gardeners, farmers and green and municipal maintenance agencies. Featuring excellent ergonomics and balance, featuring rotating head in both directions and robust, high-speed brushless motor. A comfortable belt assembly and a 3-teeth cutter for grass are included.
Technical data:

Li-Ion battery type
Battery voltage 36 V
BLDC motor type (brushless)

Vibration and noise data
Equivalent vibration level (ahv, eq) grip gauge xx 1.20.7 ms²
Operator ear acoustic pressure level 76.1 dB (A)
Sound power level guaranteed (LWA) 96 dB (A)

OEM Balance Strap Group 35

External dimensions
Cutting width 40 cm
Weight without battery 3.8 kg

- Li-ion battery (lithium ion) delivers long-lasting power and superior class performance.
- Two directions of rotation: The direction of rotation of the cutting head can be reversed, for example when finishing pedestrian paths.
- The high hand bar increases the freedom of movement, especially when working on slopes.
- Comfortable padded straps.
- Double thread cutting system with Tap'n Go for fast thread feeding.
- Our advanced brushless and fully developed in-house engine is 25% more efficient than a brush motoristandard. This means that the engine provides a high and steady torque, even when cutting tall, large or wet grass.
- Battery machines are powered by an interactive keyboard. You can start and stop them simply by pressing a button. An "savE" button is also available to extend the operating time to the maximum. The brushcutters have a further button to reverse the direction of thread rotation.
- Our machines have a compact, slimmer design with the front grip near the center of gravity. This makes them light and well-balanced that allow you to work comfortably in all situations.
- The 36V Li-ion (lithium-ion) battery pack is designed for professional and durable use. The battery is suitable for all our portable battery packs and this allows it to pass quickly from a shredder to a shredder, a blower or a chainsaw, or to a bargain, and continue with your work.
- Choose between normal or savE ™ mode, depending on the conditions, for maximum power or longer working time. In any mode you will always get a perfect result.
- The noise level of our battery packs is up to 13 dB (A) lower than a gasoline engine, which is a huge difference. A reduction of 3 dB (A) is generally perceived as half the noise level. This makes work much more enjoyable for you and also allows you to work in most public environments.
- No fuel supply, fewer maintenance-related parts and an electronic control system ensure lower downtime and low running costs.

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