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Programmer battery mount faucet Rain Bird TapTimer 1ZEHTMR
  • Programmer battery mount faucet Rain Bird TapTimer 1ZEHTMR

Programmer battery mount faucet Rain Bird TapTimer 1ZEHTMR

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Battery controller Rain Bird TapTimer 3/4


Automating the sprinklers or nozzles for hose or systems
drip for a better uniformity of programming with this digital programmer easy to use.
In addition to the reliability and robustness for outdoor use during an entire season, this programmer
professional provides sophisticated features for irrigation without any problems.


- Display and switch programming large for ease of setup and modification of irrigation schemes.
- In operation, the screen also displays the status of the program, as the next scheduled cycle and remaining time of the current cycle.
- Advanced features include programming for up to two hours of irrigation per day in one or more days of the week, in addition to the buttons "water now" and "cancel" to bypass programs immediately when necessary.
- Ideal for use with a drip system or hose nozzles for Rain Bird.

Automatic irrigation in every corner of your green space: gardens, flower beds, lawns newly sown or consolidated.

- The digital settings allow you to create tailor-made programs for an even more "green" with less water

- Irrigation programmed up to a maximum of twice a day allows proper wetting of the soil, even on slopes or clay soils
- The programming allows for day of the week to comply with the water restrictions
- Buttons bypass immediate Rain Delay function (cancel irrigation) and Water Now (manual watering)
- The specific rain delay up to 96 hours can be set without affecting the stored program
- The large screen allows you to have at your fingertips all the parameters.
- Duration of watering time: 1 minute to 6 hours
- Number of stations: 1
- Attack incoming female threaded ¾ "(BSP)
- Attack outgoing male threaded ¾ "(BSP)
- Intended for use in external cold water supply only.
- Pressure of water: 1 bar (min.) - 6 bar (max.)
- Operating temperature: Protect from frost - maximum temperature: 43 °
- Uses 2 AA 1.5V alkaline batteries (not included)

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